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Not my usual thing, but....

Okay, so often you see pleas on LiveJournal directing you to some site or other to raise money or awareness of a situation. This is one of those posts, just FYI.

Back in May Nashville, TN experienced terrible flooding, considered the worst non-hurricane related flooding in the US. Media coverage was lukewarm at best. To be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn't have payed much attention. Except,except.

I'm a member of Bellarmine Taekwondo, which is a branch of Nashville, TN based Martial Arts Unlimited. Our head instructor, Grand Master Kathy Wizcerza (affectionately knows as Master Wiz), lost almost everything in the flood. She and her family were fortunate enough to get out of the area before flooding made it impossible but their house was completely destroyed. We're doing everything we can to raise money for her and her family, and it's exactly what she'd do for any of her students. I can't exaggerate how important Master Wiz is to people. When she believes in you, you can do or overcome anything. Now that she needs a shoulder to lean on, we're coming out of the woodwork to help. We held a benefit tournament to raise money, and attendance was not amazing, but the shear number of blackbelts in attendance was phenominal. If anyone is interested in donating to the trust that's been set up, or just wants to know more about what I've babbled on about, please check out the Red Belt Heart project: http://www.redbeltheart.org/

Thanks in advance, and sorry if it just ended up taking up space on your friend's page