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le 24 janvier 2012

24 jan 2012

haven't updated in awhile, have I? My bad! In lieu of a giant wall of text that is my life, I shall give you a brief list, that is assuming there's anyone who still reads this...
  • Helped out at the International training session at work, definitely told some VIP Chinese business delegates that I was twelve instead of twenty-three. Yeay for my craptastic mandarin skills
  • Joined Weight Watchers. Again. Have since quit, since I suck at following that whole "count your points" thing
  • Christmas was awesome! I got a pretty jacket! and a new comforter!
  • Got completely and totally unashamedly obsessed with Sherlock. Yes I know it started airing in 2010, I had all three episodes downloaded as they came out. Didn't really get hooked until right before season 2 aired. And then it promptly shattered my heart
  • Re-immersing myself in fandoms in general: listening to podfic, perusing LJ, pinterest and Tumblr (don't have an account, just stalk people), making fanmixes that usually never see the light of day
  • Made serious headway cleaning my room. Got rid of 5 bags of trash. You can see my closet floor again!
  • Had a minor car accident. Car is actually currently in the shop, I can't drive the rental on account of being too short so Dad is driving it and I'm driving my mom's van. woot.
  • House got broken into, lots of my mom's jewelry was stolen, some of mine got taken too. 
  • Seester has gone off to England, I'm terribly jealous and want to move there myself
  • Going out for dinner on weekends, exploring local restaurants, dressing like an actual adult, and pretending I'm a real honest-to-goodness grown up
  • working at Cousins again. yeay for a second job
Aaaand that's about it! Well, anything of note at least. What are y'all up to?