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24 jan 2012

haven't updated in awhile, have I? My bad! In lieu of a giant wall of text that is my life, I shall give you a brief list, that is assuming there's anyone who still reads this...
  • Helped out at the International training session at work, definitely told some VIP Chinese business delegates that I was twelve instead of twenty-three. Yeay for my craptastic mandarin skills
  • Joined Weight Watchers. Again. Have since quit, since I suck at following that whole "count your points" thing
  • Christmas was awesome! I got a pretty jacket! and a new comforter!
  • Got completely and totally unashamedly obsessed with Sherlock. Yes I know it started airing in 2010, I had all three episodes downloaded as they came out. Didn't really get hooked until right before season 2 aired. And then it promptly shattered my heart
  • Re-immersing myself in fandoms in general: listening to podfic, perusing LJ, pinterest and Tumblr (don't have an account, just stalk people), making fanmixes that usually never see the light of day
  • Made serious headway cleaning my room. Got rid of 5 bags of trash. You can see my closet floor again!
  • Had a minor car accident. Car is actually currently in the shop, I can't drive the rental on account of being too short so Dad is driving it and I'm driving my mom's van. woot.
  • House got broken into, lots of my mom's jewelry was stolen, some of mine got taken too. 
  • Seester has gone off to England, I'm terribly jealous and want to move there myself
  • Going out for dinner on weekends, exploring local restaurants, dressing like an actual adult, and pretending I'm a real honest-to-goodness grown up
  • working at Cousins again. yeay for a second job
Aaaand that's about it! Well, anything of note at least. What are y'all up to?

Hark! An update!

Be amazed, it's an update just barely a month after the last! Not much has changed, I'm still at Zoeller and *still* learning to behave like a diurnal person. I did finally buy a new laptop. Soooo happy to finally have one again. Doing some heavy duty brushing up on my french skills right now. I got a call from my supervisor the other day requesting that I help to translate at a meeting next month. This should be interesting. I'm not as familiar with the business vocabulary of French. Want me to talk about art, history, politics, or pop culture? I'm totally your girl. I can babble (with some unfortunately obvious grammatical errors) at length on any of those topics. Want me to talk about taking orders and selling sump pumps? I kiiiinda get that glazed look you see on kids the last few classes before summer break. But that's why amazon.com exists, so that I may purchase various references so as to not look too great a fool.

Still toying with the idea of getting my masters. I'd love to translate professionally. Especially comics. It would be so awesome to start getting more French comics here in the states. I wish I'd bought more while I was in France. The FNAC (which is rather like a French Best Buy/Barnes and Nobles hybrid) had EPIC amounts of comics, and there was even a comic book section in the supermarket.

Also, it is sooooo freaking hot. I cannot even remember the last time I worked out. To be fair, this is the first week in almost a month that I could do more than walk without my foot aching. I bruised the ever-loving crap out of my foot in tkd, and haven't been there in ages. I've managed tai chi because it's not quite as intense, but the first weeks were crazy hard because my foot did NOT want to support my weight. I really need something to cement my staying in taekwondo classes. I've been really lackadaisical about going. Some if it is that I've been out so long on account of life being asplodey that it's hard to get back into that rhythm. Throw in the stifling heat (yeay long sleeved shirts and pants for practice uniforms) and the fact that I'm crazy tired after work and I just don't want to go some days. bleah. I'll work it out.


Okay, so life kind of exploded for awhile, but it's settling down now. I figure very few people actually read my LJ anymore, but it's nice to update anyway.

So that job that was making me become diurnal? I quit it. I worked really awful hours, and had to deal with waaaay more than the job description indicated. I'm working at Zoeller Company now, which is a company that makes sump pumps here in town. I'm in order entry/customer service, and since I'm the newb, I'm essentially the office bitch. But it's all okay, I get off of work by 4h30 every day so it's kind of like being in high school all over again except I don't have to wear a plaid skirt or do homework. I've done a bit of piece-work translation for the international marketing department since they've got major-ish operations in French-speaking Canada so that's kinda cool. I'm almost getting to use my degree! Yeay!

Because of the whole life-explodiness, I had to stop volunteering with my kiddos in Taylorsville, which sucks. I miss those guys something awful, and apparently they miss me too. I also stopped going to tkd for like, months on end. *Finally* went back to class last tuesday, and I'm soooo glad I did. Started taking tai chi with Alex and Kristen--hoping to learn some inner peace or whatever. Can always use more inner peace.

One of the reasons I've managed to not update in....three? four? months is because my poor laptop fried itself. I may purchase a new one, but I'm kinda broke. Why am I broke, you ask? I bought myself a car! It's a used Honda Civic, and it doesn't look like much, but it's mine and I am so freaking happy. No more balancing who gets the car when between my "social" life and my sisters'.

So that's life in a nutshell. I'm a sleepy sleepy girlchild so I'm off to bed.



Uuuuungh, I am hating this horrible, horrible transition from being fairly nocturnal to being diurnal. It is *so weird* to be up and moving at 7 in the morning. I'd grown so accustomed to rolling out of bed at 11 and crashing back in again at 2 am. And on days I had to get up early, hey presto there was almost always time for a nap before my shift. My mom thought I was sleeping so much because I was bored, or depressed. Those may or may not have been the case, but the fact is I need nearly as much sleep as a cat. These eight to nine hour work days are just something I'll have to adjust to, I guess, until then I am crashing by 10h30 or 11. Does this mean I'm becoming a grown up?

when I'm less inclined to fall asleep at my keyboard, new updates from tkd in taylorsville. I swear I have a new story every time I work with those kids

Dude, I live in the future!!

I bought a kindle about a month or two ago. It's fabulous, especially since I downloaded a program that lets me upload fanfics I've saved to my computer as kindle-readable files. But I was sitting down and reading something or other, and I was struck by a sudden realisation. "Holy shit!" I thought, as I pushed a button to turn a page, "I live in the future! It's like, the 21st century!" It was a very exciting thought.

Hark! An update!

Haven't updated since November. Oops? It's not like I can even say, "omg, I've been so incredibly busy doing this, that, and the other!!!" December brought the Christmas season, and my sisters came home from their first semester of college. It seems to have treated them well, despite some bumps and bruises on the way. For Christmas, I got a lovely punching bag to set up in the basement. It's freestanding, so theoretically, I can take it with me if I ever move away. There was food and family time at Grandma's house, and we've become so numerous that there's now an intermediate table, where my cousin, his fiancee, and I were sat. December rolled into January, and we've more-or-less redone the basement. The treadmill, my punching bag, and my dad's old recumbent stationary bike (whose seat can no longer be adjusted, sad day) all live down there now. Manda convinced me to start the Couch to 5k program with her so we'd hold one another accountable, and for the most part we've done it! I missed most of one week due to injury and illness, but otherwise have been dragging my sorry bum out of bed to get all sweaty and gross and get that adrenaline pumping. Since I'm the one with a treadmill, we take turns, and while one is running the other is doing abs-work or mucking about with the punching bag (well, I muck about with the bag. God I love that thing) We celebrate each successful Friday by going and grabbing coffee--usually at Breadworks or Heine Bro's. Tuesdays I'm still volunteering with Mama Bruce's class. It's so very strange to be seen as some sort of role model among the middle and high school girls. My patience is getting a *lot* better, because you can't lose your cool when a kid with autism decides that you're bonkers and it's his place to let you know that. Mama Bruce mentioned that the teaching seems to help centre me as well, and my focus is getting better. I s'pose that's a good thing. I have an unfortunate tendency to have the attention span of a goldfish if something can't hold my interest.
I've been hanging out a lot with Kristen, she's still trying to shove Japanese grammar and vocabulary down my head, and I'm slowly figuring things out. For shits and giggles, we're writing a roundrobin fanfic type thing so I can practice composing sentences, and Kristen can make up things for me to practice reading. We went and saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Dead last weekend, and it was epic, but Tom Stoppard does terrible things to my speech patterns. I've been to a newer bar in town a couple of times now--Holy Grale. It. Is. Fabulous. I ran into Elizabeth and Alyssa a few weekends ago when my parents and I went to go see The King's Speech at Baxter, and we went there to hang out and catch up a bit afterwards. The food is wonderful, and not badly priced. One needn't really worry about getting smashed on the beers there unless one has quite a wad of cash to blow. Some of the beers are INSANE expensive.
I also, for the FIRST TIME EVER, spent time outside of work with some of my coworkers! I had a pretty awesome time, too. A group of us went to see another of our coworkers and his girlfriend (who ALSO used to work at Cousins, and in fact trained me when I started there in 2007) because they had a baby a few weeks ago. That wee teeny is the most adorable thing ever. I cannot get over how insanely cute newborns are. Damn my biological clock, trying to tell me I want babies!!
Amazingly enough, my time working at Cousins is coming to an end. I got hired on as an assistant manager at Leslie's Pool Supplies and had my first day today. I'll finish off this week through Saturday at Cousins, while working more or less part time at Leslie's as well, and then I'll be shifted into full time. It will be so bizarre working during the day. I'm not really used to having evenings off. It'll be an adventure, I guess. I'll just have to see what the rest of this year brings!
The insanity that is my life is still going. I can't help but feel the last couple of months or so have been a blur. At the end of October, I had a first interview with Zoeller Company for a full-time internship position, and then I waited for what feels like forever and had a second interview last week. I think it went fairly well, but who knows. Kristen has started tutoring me in Japanese--I'm starting to get more and more comfortable reading hiragana now. I'm also sporadically studying/reviewing Spanish, Chinese, and French because I have nothing to do all day. Also around the end of October/beginning of November, I cut my hair short. Like, pixi-cut short. I am absolutely loving it, it is so easy to deal with (except for the whole sticking straight up in the mornings until liberal amounts of water and hair gel have been applied). Still running and trying to stay active, kinda let things fall by the wayside recently and now I'm making efforts to get back on track. I bought an adorable little mini-journal with Disney Princesses on it, and it's my new food and activity journal, so I can look back on the week and evaluate.

I've bought loads of new clothing as well. I kind of feel like I'm reinventing myself, trying to figure out who Corinne is all over again. I'm definitely looking for new activities to add to my weekly routine--I've heard Skybar has $5 salsa lessons on thursday nights...

Last week was, of course, Thanksgiving. We drove to my aunt and uncle's house this year--it's about an 8 hour drive to where they live in West Virginia. I got to see all of my cousins, their spouses, and their spawn. In fact, the entire family was there for a grand total of two hours or so. It's the first time I've seen all of them in one place in maybe four years? The food was wonderful, I love my aunt's stuffing. I could eat my weight in in I think.

Today I went and helped Mama Bruce with her taekwondo class out at Spencer County Middle waaaaaaay out in Taylorsville. The majority of her class is special needs (she's a special-ed teacher). Working out with them was a really fun, laid back experience. I got to teach more than I would at class at Bellarmine (which makes sense, since we have eight blackbelts of varying degrees), so that was new and different. While working with a group of girls I totally started teaching them a form backwards, and was like, "whoops, lets try that again. I toootally just taught you wrong". There were several more instances like this. The drive home was long and COLD. My stupid, possessed car has decided that the heater shall not work, so I'll have to have it taken in and looked at AGAIN. Its windshield wipers already go off frequently and without warning, and my ABS system sporadically takes itself offline. Even the mechanic says my car has gremlins possessing it. I spent about an hour at home dethawing, and then it was off to bellarmine Taekwondo, where I got my bum pummled and learned why walking into kicks face first is a baaad idea. My nose is still kinda sore.... I've eaten a wonderfully unhealthy dinner and I think I'm going to crash early. Sleep sounds nice.

Not my usual thing, but....

Okay, so often you see pleas on LiveJournal directing you to some site or other to raise money or awareness of a situation. This is one of those posts, just FYI.

Back in May Nashville, TN experienced terrible flooding, considered the worst non-hurricane related flooding in the US. Media coverage was lukewarm at best. To be perfectly honest, I probably wouldn't have payed much attention. Except,except.

I'm a member of Bellarmine Taekwondo, which is a branch of Nashville, TN based Martial Arts Unlimited. Our head instructor, Grand Master Kathy Wizcerza (affectionately knows as Master Wiz), lost almost everything in the flood. She and her family were fortunate enough to get out of the area before flooding made it impossible but their house was completely destroyed. We're doing everything we can to raise money for her and her family, and it's exactly what she'd do for any of her students. I can't exaggerate how important Master Wiz is to people. When she believes in you, you can do or overcome anything. Now that she needs a shoulder to lean on, we're coming out of the woodwork to help. We held a benefit tournament to raise money, and attendance was not amazing, but the shear number of blackbelts in attendance was phenominal. If anyone is interested in donating to the trust that's been set up, or just wants to know more about what I've babbled on about, please check out the Red Belt Heart project: http://www.redbeltheart.org/

Thanks in advance, and sorry if it just ended up taking up space on your friend's page

17 sep 2010

It appears that it's been over a month since I last updated... Not that much has been going on, to be completely honest. I'm *still* at Cousins, and still sending off resumes to various places. I suppose finding a job would be easier if I knew what I wanted to be as a grown up. I'm playing with the idea of taking the LSATs and trying to get into international law, and I need to get off my bum and buy the study book for the Foreign Service Officer exam and/or the State Department exam. I still have that feeling like I've been so fortunate in life that I need some sort of career where I can pay it back in some way.

In other, not "OMG I'm a grown up now!" news, I've been doing weight watchers with my mom now for a couple of months. Combined with a brief stint on the Slim Fast diet, I've gone from weighing 166 lbs at graduation down to 144 lbs as of this week. I've dropped two pants sizes, I'm considerably more active, and I don't feel ashamed anymore when I look at myself in the mirror. I'd still like to go down another pants size (well, two really, but I'm not certain I'd look healthy if I drop much below 130 lbs based on my body type), so I'll keep on trying to make more proactive changes.

I'm also looking into changing up my hairstyle again. I'm thinking I want to do a pixi-cut, and have been looking for hairstyles that seem fairly low key. The part of me that is a hipster wannabe is dying to try the hairstyle the character Ramona has from Scott Pilgrim vs The World... But then I'm so horribly lazy when it comes to doing my hair.

As far as fandoms and artsy-fartsy stuffs go, I'm rereading Ender's Game, and trying desperately to force myself through Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. I'm gonna give JSaMN another month or so, and if I can't finish it, then it's going back to its original owner. I've a whole stack of books I'm borrowing from others that I need to try and get through. Last weekend, I went and saw "The Kite Runner" at Actor's Theatre, and it was phenomenal. I haven't seen a live show that intense in....ever, I don't think. I started crying approximately half way through the second act and didn't stop until the curtain call. During some scenes, I could feel my shoulders knotting up in reaction to what was happening to the main characters. The actors were wonderful, and the set and lighting designs were *gorgeous*. I also *finally* finished watching Slayers TRY with Alex over this weekend. It only took us eight years! While Slayers NEXT will always hold a special place in my heart, TRY had some excellent plots, with very few truly WTF filler episodes. I'm also picking away at two or three different FSTs (one is just about finished, I need to make an "album cover" and put everything into a .zip file) and kind of half-writing some stories based on very bizarre dreams and a couple of fanfic ideas that just won't go away.

And that's pretty much it. My aunt and uncle are coming in town tomorrow to stay for a bit, so I probably won't be out carousing much this weekend, and next week I actually have decent hours, so woo hoo. I suppose I'll update again sometime, maybe I'll actually have something to talk about??

La vie, c'est tellement BORING

Considering how incredibly busy I've been lately, I'm still a horribly dull person. So here's a funfun list of what's up in ma vie
+Saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Enjoyed it MUCH more than I thought I would, definitely want the soundtrack and score (LOVED the Bass Battle), also kinda want to read the original comics
+Rearranged my closet. Or rather, my sister played "what not to wear" and made me donate a lot of stuff, discovered other things I've not worn in years, and arranged my closet from casual to fancy.
+Can officially wear skirts I bought in High School
+Taking care of my neighbor's cats. they are cute, and a handful. rather like children.
~Interviewed at Enterprise. Not horribly enthused about the potential job, but at least it would be full time
~Attended the parental units' 25th wedding anniversary. Great party but everything that could go wrong did, up to and including the hostess's mother-in-law dying the day before the party.
~Had aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin's husband, and cousin's three children at the house
-Still working at Cousins, training two new people, getting cross-trained to bakery. Last night was a mild disaster to say the least. To the point my manager offered to buy me a starbucks gift card to make up for it.
-Job search still sucks. Not that that's news to anyone job-hunting these days
-The sibs leave for college next weekend. It will be weird without them at home
-Am ridiculously tired, definitely need to catch up on sleep
-haven't worked out in a week, this makes for a sad rin. I shall ameliorate this situation