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Hark! An update!

Be amazed, it's an update just barely a month after the last! Not much has changed, I'm still at Zoeller and *still* learning to behave like a diurnal person. I did finally buy a new laptop. Soooo happy to finally have one again. Doing some heavy duty brushing up on my french skills right now. I got a call from my supervisor the other day requesting that I help to translate at a meeting next month. This should be interesting. I'm not as familiar with the business vocabulary of French. Want me to talk about art, history, politics, or pop culture? I'm totally your girl. I can babble (with some unfortunately obvious grammatical errors) at length on any of those topics. Want me to talk about taking orders and selling sump pumps? I kiiiinda get that glazed look you see on kids the last few classes before summer break. But that's why amazon.com exists, so that I may purchase various references so as to not look too great a fool.

Still toying with the idea of getting my masters. I'd love to translate professionally. Especially comics. It would be so awesome to start getting more French comics here in the states. I wish I'd bought more while I was in France. The FNAC (which is rather like a French Best Buy/Barnes and Nobles hybrid) had EPIC amounts of comics, and there was even a comic book section in the supermarket.

Also, it is sooooo freaking hot. I cannot even remember the last time I worked out. To be fair, this is the first week in almost a month that I could do more than walk without my foot aching. I bruised the ever-loving crap out of my foot in tkd, and haven't been there in ages. I've managed tai chi because it's not quite as intense, but the first weeks were crazy hard because my foot did NOT want to support my weight. I really need something to cement my staying in taekwondo classes. I've been really lackadaisical about going. Some if it is that I've been out so long on account of life being asplodey that it's hard to get back into that rhythm. Throw in the stifling heat (yeay long sleeved shirts and pants for practice uniforms) and the fact that I'm crazy tired after work and I just don't want to go some days. bleah. I'll work it out.


12 aoû 2011 02:10 (UTC)
Welcome back to the Interwebs!

I hit my ankle pretty bad on Mike's bony knee tonight, so I'm feeling you on the foot pain. Mine's not as serious as yours seems to have been, though.