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Okay, so life kind of exploded for awhile, but it's settling down now. I figure very few people actually read my LJ anymore, but it's nice to update anyway.

So that job that was making me become diurnal? I quit it. I worked really awful hours, and had to deal with waaaay more than the job description indicated. I'm working at Zoeller Company now, which is a company that makes sump pumps here in town. I'm in order entry/customer service, and since I'm the newb, I'm essentially the office bitch. But it's all okay, I get off of work by 4h30 every day so it's kind of like being in high school all over again except I don't have to wear a plaid skirt or do homework. I've done a bit of piece-work translation for the international marketing department since they've got major-ish operations in French-speaking Canada so that's kinda cool. I'm almost getting to use my degree! Yeay!

Because of the whole life-explodiness, I had to stop volunteering with my kiddos in Taylorsville, which sucks. I miss those guys something awful, and apparently they miss me too. I also stopped going to tkd for like, months on end. *Finally* went back to class last tuesday, and I'm soooo glad I did. Started taking tai chi with Alex and Kristen--hoping to learn some inner peace or whatever. Can always use more inner peace.

One of the reasons I've managed to not update in....three? four? months is because my poor laptop fried itself. I may purchase a new one, but I'm kinda broke. Why am I broke, you ask? I bought myself a car! It's a used Honda Civic, and it doesn't look like much, but it's mine and I am so freaking happy. No more balancing who gets the car when between my "social" life and my sisters'.

So that's life in a nutshell. I'm a sleepy sleepy girlchild so I'm off to bed.



07 juil 2011 04:41 (UTC)
Re: Grown Up!
"Girlchild." I love that word so much. It reminds me of a Peter, Paul and Mary song called "Christmas Dinner."

Tai chi would be more relaxing if we didn't have to worry about running into each other for lack of space. Still, I do like it.