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Uuuuungh, I am hating this horrible, horrible transition from being fairly nocturnal to being diurnal. It is *so weird* to be up and moving at 7 in the morning. I'd grown so accustomed to rolling out of bed at 11 and crashing back in again at 2 am. And on days I had to get up early, hey presto there was almost always time for a nap before my shift. My mom thought I was sleeping so much because I was bored, or depressed. Those may or may not have been the case, but the fact is I need nearly as much sleep as a cat. These eight to nine hour work days are just something I'll have to adjust to, I guess, until then I am crashing by 10h30 or 11. Does this mean I'm becoming a grown up?

when I'm less inclined to fall asleep at my keyboard, new updates from tkd in taylorsville. I swear I have a new story every time I work with those kids