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Dude, I live in the future!!

I bought a kindle about a month or two ago. It's fabulous, especially since I downloaded a program that lets me upload fanfics I've saved to my computer as kindle-readable files. But I was sitting down and reading something or other, and I was struck by a sudden realisation. "Holy shit!" I thought, as I pushed a button to turn a page, "I live in the future! It's like, the 21st century!" It was a very exciting thought.


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15 fév 2011 21:44 (UTC)
When iPads came out, I was totally weirded out by the similarities to Ender's Game.
15 fév 2011 23:43 (UTC)
...I never made that association! Mind. Blown.
16 fév 2011 16:08 (UTC)
First you get an iPad, then you start playing these weird RPGs, then the insect population of the world suddenly drops off dramaticaly. That's how it goes down.
18 fév 2011 15:25 (UTC)
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