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Hark! An update!

Haven't updated since November. Oops? It's not like I can even say, "omg, I've been so incredibly busy doing this, that, and the other!!!" December brought the Christmas season, and my sisters came home from their first semester of college. It seems to have treated them well, despite some bumps and bruises on the way. For Christmas, I got a lovely punching bag to set up in the basement. It's freestanding, so theoretically, I can take it with me if I ever move away. There was food and family time at Grandma's house, and we've become so numerous that there's now an intermediate table, where my cousin, his fiancee, and I were sat. December rolled into January, and we've more-or-less redone the basement. The treadmill, my punching bag, and my dad's old recumbent stationary bike (whose seat can no longer be adjusted, sad day) all live down there now. Manda convinced me to start the Couch to 5k program with her so we'd hold one another accountable, and for the most part we've done it! I missed most of one week due to injury and illness, but otherwise have been dragging my sorry bum out of bed to get all sweaty and gross and get that adrenaline pumping. Since I'm the one with a treadmill, we take turns, and while one is running the other is doing abs-work or mucking about with the punching bag (well, I muck about with the bag. God I love that thing) We celebrate each successful Friday by going and grabbing coffee--usually at Breadworks or Heine Bro's. Tuesdays I'm still volunteering with Mama Bruce's class. It's so very strange to be seen as some sort of role model among the middle and high school girls. My patience is getting a *lot* better, because you can't lose your cool when a kid with autism decides that you're bonkers and it's his place to let you know that. Mama Bruce mentioned that the teaching seems to help centre me as well, and my focus is getting better. I s'pose that's a good thing. I have an unfortunate tendency to have the attention span of a goldfish if something can't hold my interest.
I've been hanging out a lot with Kristen, she's still trying to shove Japanese grammar and vocabulary down my head, and I'm slowly figuring things out. For shits and giggles, we're writing a roundrobin fanfic type thing so I can practice composing sentences, and Kristen can make up things for me to practice reading. We went and saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Dead last weekend, and it was epic, but Tom Stoppard does terrible things to my speech patterns. I've been to a newer bar in town a couple of times now--Holy Grale. It. Is. Fabulous. I ran into Elizabeth and Alyssa a few weekends ago when my parents and I went to go see The King's Speech at Baxter, and we went there to hang out and catch up a bit afterwards. The food is wonderful, and not badly priced. One needn't really worry about getting smashed on the beers there unless one has quite a wad of cash to blow. Some of the beers are INSANE expensive.
I also, for the FIRST TIME EVER, spent time outside of work with some of my coworkers! I had a pretty awesome time, too. A group of us went to see another of our coworkers and his girlfriend (who ALSO used to work at Cousins, and in fact trained me when I started there in 2007) because they had a baby a few weeks ago. That wee teeny is the most adorable thing ever. I cannot get over how insanely cute newborns are. Damn my biological clock, trying to tell me I want babies!!
Amazingly enough, my time working at Cousins is coming to an end. I got hired on as an assistant manager at Leslie's Pool Supplies and had my first day today. I'll finish off this week through Saturday at Cousins, while working more or less part time at Leslie's as well, and then I'll be shifted into full time. It will be so bizarre working during the day. I'm not really used to having evenings off. It'll be an adventure, I guess. I'll just have to see what the rest of this year brings!