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The insanity that is my life is still going. I can't help but feel the last couple of months or so have been a blur. At the end of October, I had a first interview with Zoeller Company for a full-time internship position, and then I waited for what feels like forever and had a second interview last week. I think it went fairly well, but who knows. Kristen has started tutoring me in Japanese--I'm starting to get more and more comfortable reading hiragana now. I'm also sporadically studying/reviewing Spanish, Chinese, and French because I have nothing to do all day. Also around the end of October/beginning of November, I cut my hair short. Like, pixi-cut short. I am absolutely loving it, it is so easy to deal with (except for the whole sticking straight up in the mornings until liberal amounts of water and hair gel have been applied). Still running and trying to stay active, kinda let things fall by the wayside recently and now I'm making efforts to get back on track. I bought an adorable little mini-journal with Disney Princesses on it, and it's my new food and activity journal, so I can look back on the week and evaluate.

I've bought loads of new clothing as well. I kind of feel like I'm reinventing myself, trying to figure out who Corinne is all over again. I'm definitely looking for new activities to add to my weekly routine--I've heard Skybar has $5 salsa lessons on thursday nights...

Last week was, of course, Thanksgiving. We drove to my aunt and uncle's house this year--it's about an 8 hour drive to where they live in West Virginia. I got to see all of my cousins, their spouses, and their spawn. In fact, the entire family was there for a grand total of two hours or so. It's the first time I've seen all of them in one place in maybe four years? The food was wonderful, I love my aunt's stuffing. I could eat my weight in in I think.

Today I went and helped Mama Bruce with her taekwondo class out at Spencer County Middle waaaaaaay out in Taylorsville. The majority of her class is special needs (she's a special-ed teacher). Working out with them was a really fun, laid back experience. I got to teach more than I would at class at Bellarmine (which makes sense, since we have eight blackbelts of varying degrees), so that was new and different. While working with a group of girls I totally started teaching them a form backwards, and was like, "whoops, lets try that again. I toootally just taught you wrong". There were several more instances like this. The drive home was long and COLD. My stupid, possessed car has decided that the heater shall not work, so I'll have to have it taken in and looked at AGAIN. Its windshield wipers already go off frequently and without warning, and my ABS system sporadically takes itself offline. Even the mechanic says my car has gremlins possessing it. I spent about an hour at home dethawing, and then it was off to bellarmine Taekwondo, where I got my bum pummled and learned why walking into kicks face first is a baaad idea. My nose is still kinda sore.... I've eaten a wonderfully unhealthy dinner and I think I'm going to crash early. Sleep sounds nice.


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17 jan 2011 10:29 (UTC)
painter 11
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17 jan 2011 15:14 (UTC)
Re: painter 11
Thank you so much for your kind comment! I have to ask though, do I know you?
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