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La vie, c'est tellement BORING

Considering how incredibly busy I've been lately, I'm still a horribly dull person. So here's a funfun list of what's up in ma vie
+Saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Enjoyed it MUCH more than I thought I would, definitely want the soundtrack and score (LOVED the Bass Battle), also kinda want to read the original comics
+Rearranged my closet. Or rather, my sister played "what not to wear" and made me donate a lot of stuff, discovered other things I've not worn in years, and arranged my closet from casual to fancy.
+Can officially wear skirts I bought in High School
+Taking care of my neighbor's cats. they are cute, and a handful. rather like children.
~Interviewed at Enterprise. Not horribly enthused about the potential job, but at least it would be full time
~Attended the parental units' 25th wedding anniversary. Great party but everything that could go wrong did, up to and including the hostess's mother-in-law dying the day before the party.
~Had aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin's husband, and cousin's three children at the house
-Still working at Cousins, training two new people, getting cross-trained to bakery. Last night was a mild disaster to say the least. To the point my manager offered to buy me a starbucks gift card to make up for it.
-Job search still sucks. Not that that's news to anyone job-hunting these days
-The sibs leave for college next weekend. It will be weird without them at home
-Am ridiculously tired, definitely need to catch up on sleep
-haven't worked out in a week, this makes for a sad rin. I shall ameliorate this situation